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108 with an asterisk

I made a commitment; I said there was nothing to keep me from it.

I didn’t keep it. I learned a lot about myself, how I show up and how I hide. How maybe the promise I made wasn’t the right one, was a little more of a stretch than I was ready to take.

I still really believe in myself and the beautiful life I’m devoted to. Lessons learned, I’m starting again. Stay tuned.

045 you’re perfect

I have a lot to say about Life Coaches and this industry. I look at a lot of ads and offers and promises and marketing. Seven figures this and that. Skinny white girls doing yoga on the beach in Bali or whatever.

I used to think: I really need that and I would feel yearning and sadness. I would wonder how someone who needs help building their business already has $10 grand for a PREMIUM ALL ACCESS COACHING PACKAGE while here I am, best of intentions and all that, hovering around the 3-figure mark and doing every damn thing myself. What is wrong with me?

Then came a shift. These days I see that fear-based advertising, and as I scroll past I think: I’m just perfect, thanks.

I’m perfect. So are you. I will never tell you otherwise. My coaching does not arise from something is wrong with you and I’m the one to fix it. My orientation is I think you’re awesome and if you want to be reminded or feel heard or search deeper or do better, I’ll help guide you to your own answers.


092 done

092 done

In the past I have advocated for Danielle LaPorte as a thought leader. I have loved her work since before I was a coach, before The Desire Map was published. I was one of the original Desire Map workshop facilitators and used her work as the basis of my coaching career. Although I was resistant to offering a prefab experience, I found comfort in having a structure laid out for me instead of having to start from scratch.

Privately, I had reservations – I had feelings to process around feeling like a follower, like I was joining a cult of personality. I was committed to teaching the basics of the Desire Map in a way that felt true to me. And all along I felt that something was missing.

A year ago, I stopped being a licensed facilitator. I honestly think my private reservations were manifesting in difficulty getting the workshops off the ground – I didn’t express my doubts, but they were coming through all the same. Message received. Also, I’ve spent the past year focused on massage and giving my coaching business a fraction of my attention.

About a week ago, Danielle launched a new program called LIGHTER. Yeah, in all caps. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I’m not adding anything new to my life these days, and I just haven’t felt attuned with her in general. Then the explosion came: the name, imagery, and the wording associated with it were found by women of color to be hurtful and offensive. Many comments were added to her launch post. This is when I looked closer and – how did this happen? How did this ever get published? Does she have no one on her team to say – whoa – let’s think this over? A collage showing a body with multiple skin tones, with text celebrating how it is sacred to be LIGHTER???

Women I deeply respect (Layla Saad, Alexis P. Morgan) provided intense educational responses on how and why this was so problematic. Their words were largely ignored, then the entire thread was deleted – a cowardly act of erasure it itself. The thread was a genius resource for education in how to listen and reflect on white feminism and racism. It was deleted.

Danielle offered an apology that just didn’t ring true. Didn’t take responsibility. Didn’t incorporate the lessons offered.

Next, the imagery was removed… and replaced… with imagery that appropriated Native American culture.


I am not doing this to trash Danielle LaPorte. She is human. Mistakes get made (even tho, seriously, women have tried to educate her in the past and shit like this is still happening). I am certain this has been a painful and expensive lesson. However, she’s done nothing publicly with the education she received. As far as I can tell no further/more authentic apology has been published. LIGHTER is still available for the low low cost of $1200 per year. Except for removing the images people specifically complained about and making a non-apology, I don’t see what has changed. I am not confident that the message really got through to her, that she is willing to truly do the work to shift her image as a shiny white woman spiritual guru type to true, authentic service. I am open to possibility- she has the brains and the resources to really make this right. But I’m not confident she will.

In the meantime I have realized that this is my moment to release the years of unease around following/teaching another person’s work and deepen my own contribution. I am ending my association with Danielle LaPorte and shifting all my energy to developing my own body of work. My job as a privileged white woman is to listen, to amplify, to learn. My coaching will still be what I am best at – guiding women to see their own genius – but I can’t do it in isolation from the larger world. I will not ignore the larger systems of oppression that have affected every aspect of my life (as the privileged) and keep destroying black women’s lives (as the oppressed). I will not use other people’s skin, symbols, or lives as a platform.

For further reading:

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070 opening

070 opening

I’ve been taking on more volunteer jobs lately, which means meeting more people, which means introducing myself (gulp). And I realized a few things along the way.

I have a deeply felt sense of my purpose, but I don’t put it out clearly or comfortably. I live it, but I am not communicating it with ease, with flourish, with conviction. I desire to lead other women toward their purpose, I feel I have the tools and leadership to do so, but I am [still] not walking my talk to the extend I can/should.

I have internalized the societal discount of mothering. This is my first job, highest priority, sacred calling above all else. I have never used the phrase ‘just a mom’ – I know better than that – but I have silently flogged myself with ‘not good enough’ a million times. I have been bringing myself into daily connection with the beauty and mystery of them, the lessons they bring me, the growth I have experienced (without selling myself short) and still must leave myself open to experience (without beating myself up).

This social anxiety shit has got to stop.

The more peace I find in yoga and meditation, the more I want to share. I am also trying to be mindful of the issues with colonization of yoga so I can practice and teach with the utmost respect and authenticity.

Caring for myself, loving myself, filling my cup. Keeping my damn promises to myself. Devotion. Treasuring my moments of solitude, connection, sweat, tears, effort, ease. Retreating powerfully so I can emerge wholeheartedly.

061 psoas

Today I purchased a video training about how to stretch and care for the hip flexors. Sorry to geek out on you but I am REALLY excited about this. I have read enough about the psoas to know that caring for it can be life-changing. Will report back soon… after I watch the videos!

055 I said

I said I would be here every day.

I said I was devoted.

I said I would keep my promise.

I didn’t.

I have THOUGHT about posting every day but a script in my head – not interesting, not original, not clever, not heard, not enough – kept repeating in my head.

Then I remembered this isn’t about being comfortable. It’s actually intentionally about being UNcomfortable. My promise is supposed to be about learning new things, not hiding behind what is known. So: promise renewed. I am smarter and braver than I was yesterday.

041 new moon

The new moon was 2 days ago. I am still steeped in darkness and renewal. Every day that I have not posted it has been on my mind – accusations and peacemaking going on in my head. Loving myself just as I am and wondering why keeping a promise is so hard for me. I have worked on my business pretty much every day behind the scenes – but that’s not what the promise was. The promise was to show up here.

I am still learning: how to keep a promise every single day, however small it is; and how to share it without shaming myself into invisibility.

I am also teaching: how to keep returning to yourself. I believe I can do it. I believe anyone can. I believe the lessons I learn as I live along this path will make me a better coach, human, mama, wife.

030 ten years

Ten years of marriage.

On a cold and blustery day, under an oak tree, by a lake, in the spring, with candles and guitar music, I joined my life to his. All our most favorite people passed our rings from hand to hand, blessing our union, blessing us with their wisdom.

At the moment of sunset – 6:29 if I remember correctly – my dad and I walked arm in arm from the Summer House to the Hummingbird Garden. I sparkled in a silk dress homemade and hand-beaded by my mom. I stepped into a new world, a new me, married me.

In nine years we have experienced so much. The usual (laughter, tears, jobs, moving, babies, all that) and the not so usual (sudden heartbreak and radical forgiveness). We held hands and gave birth together. We have attended weddings and funerals. We have loved hard and yelled some and made two breathtakingly amazing children. We have lost two grandmothers, two cats. one dog, and two pregnancies. We have gained a home, a family, a convocation (or possibly cacophony) of laughter and curls and salt water and owls and oak trees and soil and warmth and trust and safety and mission.

I am so loved, so grateful, so married.

029 advance

For the past 3 days I’ve been working on my business behind the scenes – website updates, business development, some training to strengthen my coaching skills, not so much blogging. Preparing for greater visibility & success. Journaling all the ways I support myself and others, all the ways I wish to serve.

I have my own ideas so you tell me… if you’re here and reading this, what are my strengths? What questions can I answer for you?