045 you’re perfect

I have a lot to say about Life Coaches and this industry. I look at a lot of ads and offers and promises and marketing. Seven figures this and that. Skinny white girls doing yoga on the beach in Bali or whatever.

I used to think: I really need that and I would feel yearning and sadness. I would wonder how someone who needs help building their business already has $10 grand for a PREMIUM ALL ACCESS COACHING PACKAGE while here I am, best of intentions and all that, hovering around the 3-figure mark and doing every damn thing myself. What is wrong with me?

Then came a shift. These days I see that fear-based advertising, and as I scroll past I think: I’m just perfect, thanks.

I’m perfect. So are you. I will never tell you otherwise. My coaching does not arise from something is wrong with you and I’m the one to fix it. My orientation is I think you’re awesome and if you want to be reminded or feel heard or search deeper or do better, I’ll help guide you to your own answers.


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