016 radical

synonyms of the word radical:

thoroughgoingthoroughcompletetotalcomprehensiveexhaustivesweepingfar-reachingwide-rangingextensive, across the board, profoundmajorstringentrigorous

I believe in radical compassion, radical resilience, and radical self-love. I am a radical feminist because I believe in getting to the root cause of misogyny – I’m not that interested in the kind of ‘equality’ that just makes women more like men, I want to tear down the walls of gendered nonsense and see a new paradigm arise based on radical respect. I am radically anti-racist because I am learning how to open my eyes to the damage done by white privilege and white supremacy. A zillion pages have been written about this by much better writers than myself, and I am going to be sharing them to center the words and lives of Black feminists.

Most of my friends & most of my facebook fans are a lot like me – privileged, middle-class white women. It is time for us to do better. Racism is learned. Gender norms are learned. Our generation and the generations that follow are responsible for unlearning so we can move forward.

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