004 who I am

I am a white woman in a white supremacist patriarchy. It is the water I have always lived in, the air I’ve always breathed. I have always known this, have always sensed it. It has only become so extraordinarily clear in the past two years as my country has endorsed and elected a nazi-sympathizing rapist buffoon to the presidency. White women – women who look just like me, live their lives like I do – voted for this regime that celebrates violence, toxic masculinity, and white supremacy. It’s almost more than I can bear – but not addressing it is a form of privilege, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.

I haven’t said enough about my position. I sent a newsletter with my personal manifesto after the nazi rallies in Charlottesville, and I have followed and shared and commented… it’s not enough.

I have felt helpless, outraged, hopeless, frightened. I have worried and cried and lost sleep. Not enough.

I will write much more about this as I find words to express it. For now I will start with this: my blog, my life, the spaces I inhabit are not apolitical. As a straight white able-bodied woman in America today, I have a duty to create justice for those who do not have the privileges I have. This is going to take me WAY outside my comfort zone and I am doing the personal and public work to step into it. I worry a LOT about getting it “right” and not screwing up, saying the wrong thing, doing inadvertent damage. I am doing my best to move forward with these fears.

I invite you to share your story, to listen, to learn. Anyone who is abusive or fragile in this space will be removed.

Please read this: http://www.wildmysticwoman.com/poetry-prose/white-women-white-supremacy-1

And this: http://www.wildmysticwoman.com/poetry-prose/white-women-white-supremacy-2

More to come.

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