002 I am…

A while ago I posted about the I am journal prompt, which I love for its simplicity. It is how I start my morning pages many days when I feel I have nothing to say, and it gets me flowing.

From a recent journal: I AM loved brilliant warm magnetic welcoming infinite trusted valued enlivened visionary complete real visible grace-full connected honest vivid heard adored at peace at ease safe free grounded

I woke up thinking about the promise of yesterday, experiencing a bit of a vulnerability hangover, and noticing that I am diving into this promise the way I have so many others… no plan, just ambition. Because I made this promise as a public declaration, I have to keep it (!), so I’ll be working on a structure as I go.

As always, you are invited to comment below… tell me, what is your experience with keeping promises? Do you find it hard to keep promises to yourself?

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