All Alone

Last night: kids out with the grandparents. Husband working late. Silent house.
I couldn’t even believe it… moments alone! In my house! With no one needing anything from me! As a highly sensitive person and an introvert, with kids and a husband and a home and a part-time job and a business, I live in a world of constant over-stimulation where time to myself is my unicorn. Most people have sexual fantasies… I fantasize about being left alone. 
I floundered around for a while – what do I do?! Dishes? Laundry? [Susan… seriously… it’s ok to relax
Go to bed at 7? [now we’re talkin’… except this almost seems like wasting the opportunity]
In the end I opted for premium self-care: popcorn and chocolate for dinner, sketching in my brand new bullet journal, and catching up on Downton Abbey. Perfection.
It’s exceedingly rare to have a few hours free – most days I literally only get minutes to focus on me. My quick parking lot meditations are a lifesaver when I know that a big block of silence is going to be a long wait. It CAN be done if you’re crafty and committed. How can you take care of yourself today, in whatever moments you have? 

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