Journal Prompt: I am

This is the first journal prompt I’m sharing with you, and it’s a good one. Deceptively simple, this one – don’t underestimate it.


I am is fundamental. I am is a dream creator, a life definer, a muse. I am is the beginning of a sentence that can end any. way. you. choose. Sit with that for a minute.

I am can be anything you want it to be. Sit down in a quiet space and let it flow. Let it surprise you, take you places, let it expand you.

My first I am was written as a part of Artist’s Way morning pages. I know you’re supposed to throw them away and never read them again… but I loved what I wrote ignited so much that I kept it.




sacred mama

peaceful warrior

enduring presence

warm safe place

aura of calm

vault of safety

problem solver

faithful friend

bowl of juicy fruit

wild woman spirit

dream come true

valued partner

connection to deep space

complete sphere

guide to safe spaces

worthy of your vulnerability

ocean of deep integrity


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