I just meditated. It was beautiful.

lotus3 Before you imagine me spending an hour sitting in lotus position on a meditation pillow, burning incense while bamboo flute music lilts through the air, allow me to elaborate: I’m sitting in my car in a parking garage, in between my part-time office job and my full-time-plus parenting gig. I meditated for two minutes to the sound of my air conditioner and passing cars.

Is it perfect? No. Does it need to be? Not really.

I spent way too long not meditating because it seemed hard, complicated, or inaccessible to a busy mom like me. I finally took charge and realized that if I wait only for the perfect right moments, it might never happen- and I wasn’t ok with that. It is enough to just sit for a minute or two, savoring this moment, being right where I am, breathing into whatever part of my body calls to me. Today it’s my knees (I ran 4 miles yesterday) and my heart (inexplicably tender).

Give yourself permission to carve out a tiny little space for meditation. Between jobs, in the shower, after you pick up the groceries but before you drive home. Don’t assume that meditation can only happen a certain way- make it yours.

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