feelingsMy journey with The Desire Map couldn’t have begun at a better time. When the book was published in early 2014, I’d just had my second child and relocated to a new town. As a full-time mom and solopreneur I often felt isolated, so I welcomed a new tool for coming into better relationship with myself. The Desire Map hit the spot – what a feeling of liberation it was to shift my perspective and focus on how I want to feel instead of chasing – and often falling short of – my goals. It was so simple, and such a relief.

So I read the book a little at a time, honoring my resistance, relishing the process of distilling my various wants and goals into core desired feelings. Continually nourishing my sense of what feels good brings me joy every day. Every decision snaps with clarity. When I feel like I’m spinning off track (trust me, it happens…) – I have a tool that is pure ME that I use to reel myself back in.

And when I learned that Danielle was offering readers a chance to become licensed facilitators to teach the book, I was on board in a heartbeat. What a perfect way for me to pour my heart into my work, to be of service, to lead, to have a role in helping people improve their lives.

Ready to take the leap? Register now for a virtual workshop, or read on…

What a Desire Map workshop entails

Here’s what you’ll find in a Desire Map virtual workshop:

  • Sacred space – in person or through Skype, we will create a safe and sacred connection for you to access your inner wisdom
  • A path to greater love, ease, and freedom
  • Tools for burning through (literally and figuratively) old patterns that keep you from your desires
  • A guided process toward identifying your core desired feelings in five areas: Lifestyle & Livelihood; Creativity & Learning; Body & Wellness; Relationships & Society; Essence & Spirituality

When you register, I will provide you with a copy of The Desire Map (ebook or hard copy) and a special gift.

Want to include a friend? We can do that! If you’d like to do a small-group online workshop let me know and we can set it up!

Want to get face to face? I am launching in-person workshops for up to 12 participants beginning in August 2016. If you’re in Gainesville, Orlando, Sarasota, or the Tampa Bay area, drop me a line and we’ll make it happen!

Are you ready? Let’s do this.